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Tips for Improving Your Online Product Reviews

Product ReviewsStudies have shown that adding product reviews is one of the most effective ways to convert curious shoppers into avid buyers. While most people are now quite comfortable with shopping online, many consumers still fear that they will buy the wrong product or get stuck with an expensive item that does not live up to its promises.

The difficulty of returning products purchased online just adds to the dilemma, and that may be why online product reviews have become so popular. Online product reviews give shoppers a way to see how the items they are browsing have worked out for other people. A good product review can convince shoppers that they are making a wise decision, while a poor review can cause consumers to consider alternatives.

If you run your own online store, including product reviews can improve conversion rates, engender trust and encourage one-time shoppers to become avid repeat buyers. There is a reason an online powerhouse like Amazon includes prominent product reviews right on their results page. They know that shoppers trust online reviews, and that providing trustworthy reviews is one of the best ways to gain trust and build their brands.

Even though product reviews can be very effective, it is not enough to simply include them on your site. If you want to maximize your results and improve your conversions, you need to use the right techniques. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Give your reviews a prominent place. Never make consumers search for product reviews. The easier they are to find the more useful they will be.
  • Be social and responsive. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allow business owners to connect with their customers, and they are great places to post reviews and solicit feedback.
  • Follow up with your buyers. If a customer cares enough to buy your products, that customer deserves your attention and respect. Sending a follow-up email and a survey is a great way to solicit feedback and add reviews to your site.
  •  Thank your reviewers. Take the time to look at the product reviews you get and reach out to the best reviewers. Thanking the people who help make your site successful is a great way to build trust and solidify your brand.
  • Use the reviews you receive to tweak your product mix. If one or two products are garnering the majority of negative reviews, it might be time to cut those items loose and replace them with better quality merchandise. Your product reviewers provide valuable feedback, and you need to pay close attention.
  •  Ask if you can post a testimonial. If a happy customer posted a great review, ask if you can use their name and photo in a testimonial. Online testimonials can be extremely valuable to your business.

Online reviews have never been more popular or more important to your success. No matter what kinds of products you sell or who your customer base is, including reviews on your site can boost your sales, build your brand and gain the trust of your shoppers. The above tips can help you make the most of this powerful marketing tool.


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