Negative Reviews

How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Negative ReviewsNegative reviews can be harmful for your online business, especially when it’s expressed in public for all potential customers to see. However, you can turn an unfavorable review into a strong selling point if you handle it the right way. Here is how to make negative comments work to your favor:


  1. Don’t Delete Negative Reviews: Unless offensive language is involved, purging negative comments is a no-no. Your reviews should reflect the reality of your business, even if they expose some of your weaknesses. Instead of worrying about your site’s reputation getting damaged, take each complaint as an opportunity to demonstrate your impeccable customer care.
  1. Address Criticism Fast: Don’t let negative reviews linger. Ignoring a complaint will only lead prospective customers to think that after-sales service is not a top priority for you. Reply to the unhappy client as soon as possible, and let him know that you’re working your best to resolve the problem.
  1. Avoid Getting on the Defensive: No matter how hard you strive for perfection, mistakes will happen. Rather than waste time and energy explaining why a mishap occurred, apologize to the customer and take the steps necessary to rectify the situation. This approach is fast and effective, and it will show your clients that they’re dealing with a true professional.
  1. Follow Up: Don’t just assume that a problem has been solved. Contact the client to find out if there’s anything else he needs help with, and kindly ask him to provide feedback on his overall experience with your business. If you feel bold enough, you could also ask him to update his review in light of your excellent customer service.
  1. Learn and Improve: If you get regular complaints about a specific aspect of your business, maybe there’s something wrong with it. For example, if your customers complain that their packages often arrive late or get lost, you should consider changing your courier service providers. Use negative reviews to identify problems and pinpoint areas that could use some improvement.

If the feedback your business receives is consistently positive, the occasional unfavorable review won’t likely hurt your reputation irreparably. However, your ability to handle a crisis efficiently can turn an unhappy client into a loyal fan. What’s more, your exceptional customer care can set you apart from the competition and show your clientele that you truly value their satisfaction.

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